Do you need a loan for up to 100 days? Working as an online payday loan company, 100 Day Loans will let you borrow money for up to 100 days. If you need fast cash or looking for a simple payday loan, you can avoid loan companies who expect repayment in two weeks or fewer by checking out the 100 Day Loan Company. This is a one of a kind company who goes against the competition and offers 100 day instead of 14 day payday loans. The 100 Day Loans company is in the process of taking over the industry for payday loans as we are the first organization to offer longer-term loans of 100 days!

This payday loan service works with many different lenders to ensure the best deal possible for your situation. Even those people with bad credit are accepted. This means that people who have trouble getting a payday loan everywhere else can find the money they need at What makes people really like is that they have a very easy 2-step application process that provides instant approval. Within a few short minutes the person can apply for a loan, get approved, and see how much money they are going to get. At 100dayloans you can borrow up to $1,500 and have the money in the bank account in 1 hour! Thousands of people have already used successfully to help them get over temporary cash flow problems.

– Extremely Rapid Approval
– Bad credit? No problem!
– Flexible Payments
– 99% Online Approval
– No Need Any Faxing
– No Credit Score Required
– Get Quick Cash Directly to you Bank account
– No Bounced Checks
– Qualify for up to $1,000* and prevent overdraft fees! Applying takes just minutes and approval is even faster!
– No Overdraft Fees
– personal information will be completely protected, online and off.
– Applications approved on the spot so you can get those collection agencies out of your hair!
– Avoid a disruption in your utilities by getting approved for a loan regardless of your credit history!

Cash advance loans will help you with emergency situations and lower your stress threshold, a great deal to know that your bills and debts are looked after. The fast cash payday advance always has a payback rate which will be disclosed before you spend on the loan. Don’t Wait Click Here to Apply for Instant Approval Online Now !!

You will receive some emails from third party companies

The Verdict: 100 Day Loans is the best payday loan service available because almost anyone can borrow money and get it fast. If fast money is what you need or have bad credit and you are not exactly sure how quick you can get the money to pay off the loan, then this is the best product for you. It is quick and easy to get the money that you need. 100 Day Loans makes lending easy and reliable.

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How it Works

At, getting a payday advance is easy, safe and fast. Start now by filling out simple application.

Once you’ve submitted your information, you can receive an instant online approval in as little as 90 seconds. Upon approval, you’ll be directed to an electronic signature page where can electronically sign for your loan. It’s that simple. After you’ve read the loan terms and rates, and successfully signed for your loan, your funds will be sent directly into your bank account. You may be able to receive your loan within hours, though typically, loan funds are received by the next business day. Getting the money you need is that simple. With’s simple application, superior online security and instant approvals, there’s no easier way to get the loan you need now. Apply for Instant Approval Online Now !!

Borrowers must provide the following personal information at least once: email address, full name, mailing address, telephone number, date of birth and gender. Of course, the service requires account numbers and other sensitive personal information. However, rest assured that 100 Day Loans does not share this information with third parties.

Be aware that while 100 Day Loans does not sell your personal information, you will get some promo emails to the address you use to apply for the service. Although we find this annoying, the information concerning your accounts and personal data is completely safe.

Ease of Use:

Just as with a conventional loan, 100 Day Loans has a good amount of forms and digital paperwork that needs to be filled out before you can receive the cash in hand. 100 Day Loans boils the application process down to three simple steps. If you fill everything out correctly and quickly, it’s possible to complete your application within an hour. Approval can happen within minutes after your application is submitted.

The site is very easy to navigate and provides quick results. Most of the information needed for the applications is easy to find and enter.

The 100 Day Loans process is as follows:
You submit your application
In under 90 seconds, their search engine researches over 150 lenders for the highest loan amount at the lowest interest rate for you
Once approved, you will be directed to the lender’s website where you can accept the loan and get your cash wired directly to your bank account

It’s best to pay off your loan as soon as possible so that you don’t have to pay back more money than you borrowed. The beauty of 100 Day Loans is that it will give you 100 days to pay them off, and that is much better than the 14 days that its competitors enforce.

Many of the customers who apply for payday loans have bad credit. 100 Day Loans has those customers covered. Things like credit score, credit report and credit history are not considered during the application process. So, if your credit is less than perfect you still have a good chance of getting the cash you need when you use 100 Day Loans.

Once your application is submitted, reviewed and approved, you can usually get your loan within one business day. Depending on your bank, it may take an additional day for funds to become available from your account. Best case scenario, you fill out your application and it’s available the next morning when the bank opens. However, your experience will vary depending on what state you live in, your bank’s funds availability policy and the size of your loan.

Cost of Loan:

Because 100 Day Loans operates in all 50 states, laws and regulations fluctuate based upon where you live. Therefore, depending on which state you are in, the cost of credit per $100 borrowed will vary from $5-$25.

The annual percentage rate is currently 651.79%. 100 Day Loans works with over 167 lenders, and because it uses so many lenders, we cannot provide you with a specific number of days that the borrower has to pay off the loans. The lenders 100 Day Loans works with dictate the specific terms of individual loans.

Your first loan with 100 Day Loans has a maximum payout amount of $1000. Returning customers may be eligible to receive more than that amount depending on the state they reside in and the lender they choose.

Repeat borrowers are also judged on their loan amount based upon their repayment history. If you have extended or defaulted using one or more of 100 Day Loans’ lenders, you may experience a higher interest rate, fees or even be denied a loan altogether. For this reason, we recommend that you repay your loans as quickly as possible, as to not close the door on potential loans in the future.

100 Day Loans offers some of the most competitive rates in the payday loan industry. This is because they use hundreds of lenders around the country. This enables them to pick and choose the best rates and terms possible and tailor loans specific to their customers’ needs.

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Customer Service:

The easiest way to apply for the loans will probably be through the website, but you have the option of calling the representatives over the phone. The website provides a FAQs section as well as phone support if you should encounter any problems.


If fast money is what you need, and you are not exactly sure how quick you can get the money to pay off the loan, then this is the best product for you. It is quick and easy to get the money that you need. 100 Day Loans makes lending easy and reliable. is a good site for those who are in need of a short-term loan. What really makes them great is the fact that even those with bad credit can be approved. While some do not like the fact that is a direct lender, many people have been able to successfully get a loan through that would not have been able to get a loan otherwise. If you are looking for a great place to find the temporary loan you want, fill out an application at With 100 day loans you do not even have to worry about having bad credit. You can go to the website right now and get the money that you need today. It can be hard to search online for the right loan company.
Some companies make it very difficult for their customers to get a quick, short-term loan, but this is not the case with Customers are glad to discover because they can often get a loan through this site even with other places deny them. People in many different financial situations find themselves in need of some short term cash assistance and is a great way for them to receive it. Going from website to website, filling out loan applications, and hoping to get approved is a very frustrating and stressful process. Make the whole process much easier simply by going to

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In addition to reasonable repayment due dates, also helps make the application process easy, as they can get your approval information in as little as an hour. You can simply visit their website and enter your information, as well as the amount of money you would like to borrow, and then apply. Then, you will wait for approval. Finally, once you gain approval, you will get the funds via direct deposit into a bank account.

100 Day Loans has nearly 123 available lenders for use, so they can get approval for a loan for almost anyone. In fact, this adds to the reason they maintain an above average 80% approval rate which also means that 4 of 5 people get approval, which proves to be great news for you.

To conclude this 100 day loans review, This is one of the best payday loan companies around! They offer fast approval in as little as an hour and then directly deposit any approved funds into your bank account. With fast approval times, high approval rates, 100 days to repay the loan, and loans of up to $1500, you can’t go wrong with 100 Day Loans.

How do 100 Day Loans Work?

In the past, payday loans have gained bad reputations because of large fees the companies who offer the loan types usually charge. Moreover, payday loans generally require payment in only 14 days. In other words, you only have two weeks to collect the cash that you owe to repay the loan within the small window so you don’t risk extra fees. Since it can be difficult to save the money you need to repay the loan in only 14 days, a payday loan company has presented a better solution. More specifically, they have created what are called 100 day loans. These loans are specially designed to be paid over a 100 day period.

Here’s how the loans work:

1. The thing you will need to do is apply for a loan through 100 Day Loans. They will allow you to apply for loans starting at $100 and going up to $1000 depending on what your needs are. You shouldn’t worry too much about being approved because nearly 4 of every 5 applicants end up getting approved for cash. After your application is submitted, you will have an approval decision within 90 seconds. The only information you will need is your name, phone number, address, date of birth, e-mail address, State ID or driver’s license number, and your social security number. In addition, you will also need to provide banking and current employer information. If you have bad credit, don’t worry, you may still get approved.

2. 100 Day Loans has a unique system that searches a database of information to quickly find the highest loan at the lowest interest rate for you, so approval tends to be very common. Keep in mind, you will not immediately be denied just for having bad credit because payday loan companies work with a variety of lenders.

3. Then, you get paid! After your application has been approved, it may take up to one hour for your cash to be direct deposited into a bank account. However, not all lenders work this fast, it could potentially take up to 24 hours or the next business day to receive your money. Lenders do realize that you are in need of money, so for this reason, they try not to keep you waiting for the money you are in need of.

When you are in a tight financial spot, and need extra money a payday loan can be a major help; however, just realize that whatever you borrow must be repaid. Therefore, you should make sure you are able to repay the loan by the deadline to avoid overages. If you fail to repay payday loans, your account will be reported to a credit bureau and your credit score could begin to suffer.

As with any type of loan, it is a wise idea to repay the money at the first chance you get even though they give you up to 100 days; remember that the longer it takes you to pay the loan off, the more interest you will pay in the end. Therefore, the sooner you pay the balance off, the cheaper the overall loan cost will be. Whichever way, it is extremely important to make sure that you repay the complete loan balance by the deadline date or you will pay more money than expected.

Questions and Answers on 100 Day Loans

Have you been checking into receiving a cash advance, but don’t know if you’ll be able to repay it on time? These reasons are why 100 day loan are such a new and exciting concept. These loans offer the borrow spans of up to 100 days to repay all loans that you receive. Below you will find a couple of the most frequently asked questions which will provide more detail about 100 day loans.

Is it true I have 100 days to repay the amount borrowed?

Absolutely! You will be allotted 100 days to repay the loan principal and interest accrued. These loans are perfect for those who need cash advances but are discouraged by being forced to repay within 14 days.

I am going through bankruptcy; will this affect my approval decision?

No! Going through bankruptcy is no problem at all. The loan agencies 100 Day Loans works with do not do a credit background check. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you have no credit, as long as you can follow the company’s guidelines, you will be fine.

What if I need longer than 100 days?

If you know that you will need longer than 100 days, you should call the company or get in contact with your individual loan agent. If you go to the company’s website and refer to the “contact” section, you can also use the information provided to negotiate a loan extension.

How safe is my information going to be in this site?

Extremely safe! The company’s #1 overall priority is to keep all customer information safe and secure. For this reason, their site is protected with “https” site security is a feature found only on secure pages where personal information is shown.

Do 100 Day Loans Really Present the Best Value?

This is my last part of 100 day loans reviews. With the current trend of more bills than money and nowhere to turn, we’ve all faced a financial pinch occasionally. This has caused many people to turn to payday loan companies instead of obtaining a loan from a traditional bank because smaller loan places require fewer documents and make faster decisions. The best thing is that many times if you have a current job you can most likely acquire a loan. However, most payday loan companies ask for repayment within a 28 to 30 day period. On the other hand, a company called 100 Day Loans promises you exactly that, loans that do not need to be repaid for 100 days. Sounds good in theory, but is it too good to be true?

Upon first looking at their website, you will notice that there are no interest rates or other fees listed before they ask for your personal information. Some of you may already know that payday loans usually charge around $20 per month or more, in addition to the interest charges which can run as much as 50% or even higher. You would have to take this information and begin to guess what the loan will cost. With as much as you would be paying, why should you be made to guess? On some payday sites, no fees or interest rates are shown even after starting the information process; in these cases, you must complete the entire process and accept the money before they share the fees with you.

One really bad downfall is that 100 day Loans asks you for approval to share your information with their affiliate lending companies or banks, if you forget to choose no you will get an increasing number of calls and emails from all kinds of different companies. Furthermore, be careful adding your bank information because even though they say they want it to direct deposit your funds, they also want to direct withdrawal repayment. Unfortunately, you need to think that if you don’t have regular paydays, this can end up leaving your account overdrawn, in trouble with your bank, and owing more money in the long run. It seems that no instant loan is flawless, especially the ones that don’t tell you up front what is expected in terms of repayment. The company has no phone number you can call to ask questions and even their “how it works” section doesn’t provide the information.

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First Choice Capital Resources provide a fast, secure and private way to borrow the cash you need to pay off bills, take a vacation, make home improvements or use the money in any manner you like. They offer flexible payment terms and if you have had past credit problems this is not a problem.

What this means for you is that even if your credit is bad you still have a good chance at getting the loan. These payday loan companies do not care how you are going to use the money, so you can choose to spend it however you wish. Their only concern is that you are going to pay them back when the loan is due.

Click Here to Apply for a First Choice Capital Resources Loan

Who Needs Payday loans?

Payday loans were made for people that are in short term financial need. Because the interest rates are a lot higher than what you can get from a credit union or a bank, you should never consider payday loans as a regular source of borrowing money from.

When people keep borrowing from these types of loans they can get into some serious trouble. This is why you should only use them in case of a real emergency. Also make sure you do not borrow more than you can pay back from your paycheck.

Payday Loans that are Low Interest

Interest rates can differ greatly from one company to another. Because of this most people like to compare interest rates and then pick the company that has the best interest rates.

It might take a little bit of searching on your part, just do a search for “payday advances” or “cash loans” in the search engines. When you get to a website look for a section that has the Annual Percentage Rate or APR. These rates will show you how long it is going to cost to keep the loan for a whole year. This is how you compare the companies to each other.

How Can You Apply for a Payday Loan?

In order for someone to get a payday loan all you need to is get on your computer and fill out a short form. Most of these companies will ask for your name, bank account information, employer, and address.

The approval time will take you less than an hour. When you get approved your money will be wired straight into your bank account. This process takes less than a day. Most companies will not even ask you to fax over any of your information. Even if you do have to fax information to them your money can still be deposited straight into your checking account fairly quickly.

So, even if your credit isn’t so great that should not prevent you from applying for a cash advance online. You don’t have to worry about the cash advance companies checking your credit. They only have to make sure the information that you give them is correct. First Choice Capital Resources will let you borrow up to $5000 and give you time to pay it back.

Click Here to Apply for a First Choice Capital Resources Loan

You have to apply to obtain all the fees and charges and the amount of money that you are entitled to is determined by the individual lender and your application.

Bad credit personal loans

First Choice Capital Resources (Bad Credit Loan)
First Choice Capital Resources specialise in providing unsecured loans to people who have been refused credit elsewhere. You can apply online in a few minutes and receive an unsecured loan with payment terms of up to 24 months. First Choice Capital Resources is a free service and aim to match the right products and services to suit your needs and present them to you on a continuing basis. Bad credit personal loans


1. Unsecured instalment loans with payment terms up to 24 months
2. Auto Loans
3. Help with existing debt problems
4. Mortgage relief
5. Flexible payments


1. Some lenders consider the existence of an active credit and/or debit account as part of their decision making process
2. Maximum borrowing is £2,500

Terms & Conditions
Some lenders consider the existence of an active credit and/or debit account as part of their decision making process
Identification Required
Personal and financial information
Loan Example
Start a business, take a holiday or consolidate bills
Suitable For
All types of borrowers – even those with bad credit history, and CCJs
Secured Home Loan Available: No
Bad credit personal loans

Loan Duration
Minimum Term: 1 month
Maximum Term: Up to 24 months
Loan Amounts
Minimum Advance: £100.00
Maximum Advance: £2,500.00
Costs, Rates & Fees
Amount: £100 – £2,500
Representative APR: N/A

Click Here to Apply for a First Choice Capital Resources Loan

A fast, secure, and private way to borrow the Cash you need!

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— Get up to $2,500 to use however you like
— Bankruptcy and poor credit is NOT an issue
— Quick and Easy online Approval
— Great repayment terms

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